The EleGARDTM System

The EleGARDTM Patient Positioning System

The EleGARD Patient Positioning System is intended to assist in elevating the head and the thorax of a patient from a supine position into a multi-level elevated position with the head above the thorax and the thorax above the lower body and extremities, and may be used during various procedures, i.e., airway management procedures, CPR, etc.

The EleGARD System is the only device that precisely, rapidly, and consistently positions the patient for CPR and airway management and raises the patient into multi-level elevation positioning to support the practice of the ElevatedCPR method in the pre-hospital and hospital settings.

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The EleGARD Patient Positioning System has been released for human use, and commercial orders are being accepted for delivery beginning in June 2019. Visit our Events page for upcoming meetings where you can see and learn more about the EleGARD System.

Components of the EleGARD System

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1. Base with Circumferential Handles
2. Lower Back and Thoracic Plates
3. Adjustable Head and Neck Support
4. Neck and Shoulder Stabilizer Cushion

5. Control Panel
6. Back Plate Holder
7. Back Plate Release Knob
8. The Battery and Battery Charger
9. Carrying Case

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Latest News

EleGARD System Used Successfully in Bundle of Care at MSP Airport to Make a Difference in One Patient’s Survival

August 29, 2019

[August 29, 2019: Minneapolis, MN] Sixty-year old Greg Eubanks doesn’t remember much about that day in the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.  He was walking from one gate to the next when he collapsed without warning, suffering a sudden cardiac arrest.  Bystanders saw Greg, a physically-fit succulent plant landscaper from California, collapse and alerted TSA airport officials, who quickly started to perform CPR.The statistical odds for patients like Greg surviving sudden cardiac arrest are grim: in the US, there are about 350,000 out of hospital cardiac arrests each year, and

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