The EleGARDTM Patient Positioning System

Pre-clinical data has demonstrated that precise patient positioning along with a timed elevation sequence dramatically enhances the potential outcome of ElevatedCPRTM therapy.

The positioning of the patient, the speed at which the patient is elevated into the ElevatedCPR therapy position after initial supine CPR priming, and the height to which the head is elevated over the heart and the heart over the lower part of the body are all critical components to produce the optimal physiological response to ElevatedCPR therapy1,2.

1. Moore, et al., Circulation, 2018

2. Rojas, et al., NAEMSP, 2019

The EleGARD Patient Positioning System (“EleGARD”) is the only device that can position the patient for ElevatedCPR therapy in the pre-hospital and hospital setting.

Used in conjunction with an impedance threshold device, as well as active compression decompression CPR or automated CPR devices, the EleGARD’s multiple-patented design was developed to meet the stringent needs of first responders, emergency department, ICU, Cath Lab, OR and PACU personnel for dependability, precision and user-friendliness.



The EleGARD Patient Positioning System will be commercially available in 2019. Visit our Events page for upcoming meetings where you can see and learn more about the EleGARD.

Components of the EleGARD System

Mouse over the numbered blue circles to learn more about the EleGARD.

1. Base with Circumferential Handles
2. Lower Back and Thoracic Plates
3. Adjustable Head and Neck Support
4. Neck and Shoulder Stabilizer Cushion

5. Control Panel
6. Back Plate Holder
7. Back Plate Release Knob
8. The Battery
9. Carrying Case

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