The EleGARDTM System

The EleGARDTM Patient Positioning System

The EleGARD System is an FDA-cleared and CE-marked patient positioning device and cardiopulmonary board that can elevate a patient’s head and thorax during airway management; manual CPR, manual CPR adjuncts, CPR with the LUCAS® Chest Compression System and patient transport.

The EleGARD System is the only device that precisely and consistently positions the patient for CPR and airway management and raises the patient into multi-level elevation positioning that could support the practice of the ElevatedCPR® method in both pre-hospital and hospital settings¹.

Early user evaluations show a significant benefit when using the ElevatedCPR method with the EleGARD. Overall data shows:

-60% ROSC in VT/VF (Shockable patients)1,2
-46% ROSC in PEA (non-shockable patients)1,2
-26% ROSC in Asystole (non-shockable patients)1,2

1. Scheppke, Prehospital Emergency Care 2020

2. Lick, EMS Today 2020

Indication for use:
The EleGARD™ Patient Positioning System (EleGARD) is a cardiopulmonary board which may elevate a patient’s head and thorax: including during airway management; during manual CPR, manual CPR adjuncts, CPR with the LUCAS® Chest Compression System or ARM XR Automated Chest Compressor; and patient transport. EleGARD is indicated for adults only when used with the LUCAS Chest Compression System or the ARM XR Automated Chest Compressor. When not used with an automated compression system, EleGARD can be used for adults and children, not including infants and neonates.

Components of the EleGARD System

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1. Base with Circumferential Handles
2. Lower Back and Thoracic Plates
3. Adjustable Head and Neck Support
4. Neck and Shoulder Stabilizer Cushion
5. Control Panel

6. Back Plate Holder
7. Back Plate Release Knob
8. The Battery and Battery Charger
9. Carrying Case
10. Headrest Adjustment Handle
11. Battery Compartment

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