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Precise Patient Positioning for High Quality CPR

Scientific data has demonstrated that precise patient positioning along with a timed elevation sequence dramatically enhances the potential outcomes of ElevatedCPR therapy. The positioning of the patient, the speed at which the patient is elevated into the ElevatedCPR therapy position after initial supine CPR priming, and the height to which the head is elevated over the heart and the heart over the lower part of the body are all critical components to produce the optimal physiological response to ElevatedCPR therapy.

The EleGARDTM Patient Positioning System (“EleGARD”) delivers precise patient positioning for the execution of high quality ElevatedCPR therapy in the pre-hospital and hospital setting.

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AdvancedCPR Solutions® Founder Dr. Keith Lurie Honored with the Paul Pepe Leadership Award At 2022 Gathering of Eagles Meeting

June 21, 2022

[June 22, 2022 - Minneapolis, MN] Dr. Keith Lurie, world-renown cardiologist, innovator and Founder and Chief Medical Officer of AdvancedCPR Solutions®, was honored with the Paul Pepe Leadership Award on June 16, 2022 at the Gathering of Eagles meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The Pepe Leadership award recognizes significant achievements in improving patient care in the EMS and prehospital space, and Dr. Lurie was honored for his lifetime of innovation, most recently with the advancement of a Neuroprotective Head Up CPR bundle of care that could have the potential to significantly

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