The ElevatedCPR® Method

The ElevatedCPR® Method

The ElevatedCPR method is a technologically-advanced technique for performing device-assisted head up CPR that incorporates raising the head, heart, and thorax in a multi-level elevation, in a timed sequence, in conjunction with best practice resuscitation protocols.1

The timing and elevation sequence for the ElevatedCPR method are scientifically based on preclinical studies which have shown the benefits of a sequence that includes a two minute period of high quality CPR with ACD/ITD or mCPR/ITD with the patient in a low supine position followed by a slow progressive rise of 6cm/min over two minutes to a head height of 22cm and a thorax of 8cm improves CerPP and CorPP.7,8,9


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Evidence-Based Benefits of the ElevatedCPR Method

The Science Behind the ElevatedCPR Method

The ElevatedCPR method is the first major CPR breakthrough in decades and may potentially offer a significant opportunity to improve the chances for survival of cardiac arrest when implemented with the proper bundle of devices.

Quarterly Success Stories: Pre-Hospital & Acute Care

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Case Studies

Read about how ElevatedCPR therapy — as delivered through the ElevatedCPR therapy bundle of care, including the EleGARD Patient Positioning System — is helping improve neurologically intact outcomes in sudden cardiac arrest patients.

Patient went into cardiac arrest at the Minneapolis airport. Other passengers witnessed the arrest and TSA workers performed manual CPR and applied an AED but it was not successful. Airport Fire First Responders placed him on the EleGARD™ Patient
15-year old male fell into a warm water pool and was under water for more than 10 minutes. Police and fire responders pulled him out, placed him on the EleGARD™ System and performed manual ACD-CPR with an ITD. After 15 minutes of the delivery of
Female patient with no prior history went into cardiac arrest at work. She was treated with bystander CPR and an AED, remaining in VF cardiac arrest. EMS responded and placed her on the EleGARD™ System, which they had adopted only two weeks prior.
55-year old male had a sudden cardiac arrest in his home. The arrest was witnessed by his wife and dispatch-assisted CPR was started immediately. Police and EMS arrived and started high-quality manual CPR, and shocked the patient with an AED, with
Patient with a history of severe coronary artery disease, an implantable defibrillator, and kidney and liver transplants went into cardiac arrest at home. His implanted internal defibrillator shocked him but was not successful. EMS responded and
Female patient went into cardiac arrest in a car. Police and fire placed her on the EleGARD™ System and performed manual ACD CPR with an ITD, and gave her Narcan for a possible drug overdose. She was in VF, an unusual rhythm for a drug overdose. She
EMS was dispatched for a 67-year-old male who was weak and diaphoretic after returning home from shopping. The patient was alert and talking when EMS arrived but became unresponsive with agonal respiration. The patient was found to be in ventricular

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Case Reports Submissions

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    Our Clinical Team is here to help you have a positive and successful experience with the ElevatedCPR® method and the EleGARD™ Patient Positioning System. We are available to answer your questions and help you find the information you need. Please send us a message and we’ll contact you directly.

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