SCA with co-morbidities – 80-year old male

Patient with a history of severe coronary artery disease, an implantable defibrillator, and kidney and liver transplants went into cardiac arrest at home. His implanted internal defibrillator shocked him but was not successful. EMS responded and placed him on the EleGARD™ System and performed CPR with a LUCAS chest compression device and an ITD. After 18 minutes of CPR on the EleGARD System, he started to breath and regained a pulse. He was treated with temperature management and ICU care, and awakened 48 hours later.

What is remarkable?
The patient was still in cardiac arrest despite receiving shocks from his internal implanted defibrillator. Only after getting treated with the bundle of care including the EleGARD™ System, an ITD and high-quality mechanical CPR was he was he able to be successfully resuscitated.