V-Fib leading to Asystole – 67-year old male

EMS was dispatched for a 67-year-old male who was weak and diaphoretic after returning home from shopping. The patient was alert and talking when EMS arrived but became unresponsive with agonal respiration. The patient was found to be in ventricular fibrillation and was shocked at 200 joules but remained in VF. Manual CPR was initiated and replaced with ACD CPR one minute later. An ITD was used with BVM to deliver ventilations. The rhythm changed to asystole. The EleGARD™ System and LUCAS chest compression device were placed, and a SGA was inserted. After nine minutes of total CPR, ROSC was achieved, and the patient was transferred to the hospital. The patient received therapeutic hypothermia in the ED and coronary angiography was performed. After six days in the hospital, he was discharged home on Christmas day.

What is remarkable?
Asystole is usually an ominous sign during resuscitation because once the heart goes silent, it can be very difficult to restart. This bundle of care was able to deliver CPR effective enough to help get the heart restarted. The bundled care approach continued through his hospital course and his family received the best Christmas present they could hope for: the ability to lead a normal, happy, healthy life after sudden cardiac arrest.