Witnessed SCA – 55-year old male

55-year old male had a sudden cardiac arrest in his home. The arrest was witnessed by his wife and dispatch-assisted CPR was started immediately. Police and EMS arrived and started high-quality manual CPR, and shocked the patient with an AED, with no response. A supraglottic airway and ITD were placed within 2 minutes of EMS arrival. A second shock was also unsuccessful. The EleGARD™ System was positioned at minute 3:00 and the LUCAS chest compression device was deployed at minute 4:00. A third shock was unsuccessful. Intraosseous amiodarone was delivered and at minute 10:00, the patient converted to normal sinus rhythm (NSR). He rearrested minutes later but was successfully defibrillated and remained in NSR during transport. The patient had refractory VF but converted to a stable rhythm. He started to wake up and received 50ug of fentanyl. He was awake and alert by the time he reached the hospital, thanking medics for saving his life. In the hospital, the patient received two stents and was discharged home 52 hours later, fully neurologically intact.

What is remarkable?
The patient turned out to be the Fire Chief for a service that had implemented the EleGARD™ System just a few months prior to his own cardiac arrest. The Chief contacted one of our clinical educators, saying “If you had not reached out to me and others about the EleGARD, I don’t think I would be typing this email. Please extend my thanks to Dr. Lurie for his research and the ultimate application with the EleGARD. I was fortunate to have every piece of the chain of survival fall into place, including the most advanced pre-hospital cardiac arrest survival techniques / equipment.”