Warm Water Drowning – 15 year old male

15-year old male fell into a warm water pool and was under water for more than 10 minutes. Police and fire responders pulled him out, placed him on the EleGARD™ System and performed manual ACD-CPR with an ITD. After 15 minutes of the delivery of this treatment, he started to breath and had a pulse. He was treated with temperature management and ICU care. He walked out of the hospital three weeks later neurologically intact.

What is remarkable?
Warm water drowning victims rarely survive after 5 minutes under water. This patient was under water for more than 10 minutes. ICU doctors described his awakening and survival as a miracle. The EleGARD™ System, ACD CPR, and ITD were a part of the treatment this patient received and may be an example of the potential benefits of controlled sequential elevation of the head and thorax during CPR.