AdvancedCPR Solutions® Receives Two NIH SBIR Grants Totaling $ 2.4 Million for Continued Research on ElevatedCPR® Method

[September 14, 2021: Minneapolis, MN] AdvancedCPR Solutions® has received two grants from the National Heart, Lung, And Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program. The first, a Phase I grant for $383,000 will support research related to synchronized ventilation and controlled sequential elevation. In addition, a Phase II grant for $1.99 million, will support the company’s ongoing research and development for its ElevatedCPR® Method form of device-assisted head up CPR using the EleGARD™ Patient Positioning System.

“Our preclinical and clinical studies have demonstrated that a bundle of care that includes the combination of controlled multi-level elevation along with a timed sequence of events significantly enhances the neuroprotective benefits of the ElevatedCPR method,” commented Philip Faris, AdvancedCPR Solutions’ CEO.  “These grants will enable us to further confirm the efficacy of this method and its potential to improve survival from sudden cardiac arrest.”

The ElevatedCPR method is a broad, patent-protected and technologically advanced technique for performing device-assisted head up CPR that incorporates raising the head, heart, and thorax in a multi-level elevation, in a controlled sequence, in conjunction with the best practice standards of resuscitation protocols. Preclinical studies have demonstrated a number of benefits associated with the ElevatedCPR method relative to intracranial pressure (ICP),[i] [ii] [iii] cerebral perfusion pressure (CerPP),i ii iii  [iv] [v] [vi] [vii] and coronary perfusion pressure (CorPP).ii iii iv v vi vii

The company’s initial device, the EleGARD Patient Positioning System, is the only device that precisely and consistently elevates a patient’s head and thorax from supine to multi-level positioning in a controlled sequential manner to support the practice of the ElevatedCPR methodvii in both pre-hospital and hospital settings.

Initial clinical use of the ElevatedCPR Method in combination with the EleGARD System demonstrates a statistically significant improvement in return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) when compared to a historical control group, indicating the strong potential for improving survival from sudden cardiac arrest.[viii]

Founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2015 by an experienced team that previously developed multiple novel resuscitation technologies currently in widespread clinical practice, AdvancedCPR Solutions is a commercialization-stage medical device firm focused on the development and market adoption of delivery mechanisms, methods and devices that support the practice of the ElevatedCPR method to potentially improve survival of cardiac arrest.



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