Minnesota Resuscitation Solutions, LLC Rebrands to AdvancedCPR Solutions

[August 31, 2018: Minneapolis, MN] Emerging medical device firm Minnesota Resuscitation Solutions, LLC has rebranded itself as AdvancedCPR Solutions to better represent the company’s groundbreaking ElevatedCPR therapy platform and its potentially transformative effect on the global issue of cardiac arrest survival. As part of this updated corporate positioning, the company’s first device, formerly known as the MRS 525 Patient Positioning System, has been renamed the EleGARD™. In addition, the company has established its headquarters in Edina, Minnesota to position itself for the commercial launch of the EleGARD Patient Positioning System in 2019.AdvancedCPR Solutions holds a broad method patent for its ElevatedCPR therapy, which lifts the head, heart and shoulders of patients in cardiac arrest in an incline during Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). This positioning allows the body to drain venous blood from the brain while CPR is being performed; and assists in lowering intracranial pressure, increasing cerebral perfusion pressure, and reducing venous blood concussion pressure waves directed to the brain1,2,3. ElevatedCPR therapy is intended to be used with an intrathoracic pressure regulation device to help regulate the intrathoracic pressure while CPR is being performed.Initial studies on ElevatedCPR therapy have shown a strong potential to improve resuscitation and survival from sudden cardiac arrest. Pre-clinical studies have shown doubled blood flow to and through the brain and other vital organs compared to today’s best-of-class CPR techniques and devices3. In addition, when compared to circulation from hands-only CPR with the patient supine or head flat, the increase in cerebral circulation is profound, nearly 4-fold after 15 minutes of CPR2. ElevatedCPR therapy also produces an immediate and significant reduction in intracranial pressure1,2,3.The company’s initial device, the EleGARD Patient Positioning System (initially named the MRS 525), delivers precise, rapid, secure and safe ElevatedCPR therapy positioning for sudden cardiac arrest patients in the pre-hospital and hospital setting. The device positions the patient for manual CPR and airway management and elevates the patient into the proper position for delivery of ElevatedCPR therapy. Used in conjunction with intrathoracic pressure regulation devices, as well as Active Compression Decompression CPR or automated CPR devices, the EleGARD patient positioning system is designed to deliver proper ElevatedCPR therapy based on the latest science. Its multiple-patented design was developed to meet the stringent needs of first responders, emergency department, ICU, Cath Lab, OR and PACU personnel for dependability, precision and user-friendliness.1. (Debaty, 2015)
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